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  • Off the map in more ways than one, Galaxy (located in way-off-the-tourist-track Athlone) is one of the oldest clubs in Cape Town, with three decades under its belt. Opened since 1993, sister club West End comes in second; no mean feat for a city that has seen so many groovy venues come and go. Galaxy is, predictably, completely commercial and mainstream, with all the theatrical lighting rigs, state-of-the-art sound technology and smoke machines you'd expect of an Old School superclub, but catering to a sassy, mixed crowd. West End, which is open from earlier in the evening, but only on Fridays and Saturday, is a live music venue (and no under 21s are allowed); chic, deep-red drapery, soft lighting and contemporary furniture sets the scene for that chance encounter with a beloved local or international artist - be they jazz or otherwise. In total, there are enough bars here that you could spend the night ordering each round from a different location, and make hundreds of new friends as you do so.

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